Why us

Specialising in customized, high-end personal and corporate video biographies, Family Matters preserves the legacy of a life well-lived.

Everyone is unique. Everyone has a story to tell. That life, that journey, is a precious family heirloom. Parts of your loved one’s story might be known to you, but it’s their whole life, their whole journey, that should never be lost. And that priceless story will often offer you a context, a sense of meaning, for your own life and relationship with your loved one. The past forms the present, and gives it substance and shape for the future. Once a person is gone, their stories are gone.

Family Matters adheres to the highest standards of digital video production. Our goal is to create a high-class presentation which is an accurate, detailed and entertaining record of your family treasure, to be owned and shared by family and friends forever.

We customise your DVD package to your needs. Time is of no consequence. Our professional cameraman and his commercial editing suite will provide you with a superbly edited visual and sound reproduction of your loved one’s life. You also have the option of selecting meaningful background music, or you can leave it to us. The final product will do justice to a deserving loved one.

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